Notovy Productions - "Life is Music"

  • $25/hr.
  • Professional, friendly service
  • Original score sheets available for a small fee - keep a written record of lyrics/melodies/progressions for copyright purposes or for other musicians in the band
  • Vocal/Guitar session work also available at $15 a track
  • Live sound starting at $40/hr.
  • Beginner to Intermediate guitar lessons $20/hr.(Skype or Facebook also)
"You the man Steve they sound damn good!" - D Boogie

"Steve is a good guy & a hard worker.. He already has my band's endorsement in his ad, but seriously: this dude will go to bat for you and your sound. If every recording engineer was as dedicated to the end product as Steve, the music coming out of this area would blow people away. Give his page a look & a listen. Can't beat his prices or his commitment to service." - Michael Dickerson (Yankee Holler)

"I've found Steve to be a most competent recording engineer who produces a high quality product..." - Bernie Schallehn (The Karmic Kowboys)

"My friendship with Steve has been an omni-versal blessing. He has been helping give life to my musical vision. Thanks man." - Will Foley

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Focused and Detailed, that's the kind of attention your project will get when you choose Notovy Productions!
I am a musician myself and have been very passionate about music, playing and recording since I can remember.
No matter what your skill level, genre etc... I will make sure that you are represented in the BEST way possible.
Give me a chance - you won't be disappointed!


Featured Artists

Will Foley

D Boogie

live @ Green Wolf

"Cold October" "Cordouroy Ninja" - from Sky Full of Phoenix (July 2016) "Mercy" - vocals only, music by Xavier Jordan (June 2016) "Wild Horses" - cover by Rhiannon's Lark (Nov. 2015)
"I Am the Highway" "Sky Full of Phoenix " - from Sky Full of Phoenix (July 2016) "Black Butterfly" - vocals only "When Night Walks" - Rhiannon's Lark
"GM, I'm Good" - Rhiannon's Lark (October 2015)
"Bad Moon Rising" - Notovy cover (Aug. 2015)
"Copperhead Road" (March 2015) "Moonshiner" (2013)
"Iron Witch" - Rhiannon's Lark (October 2015) "Pork and Beans" - Notovy cover (Sept. 2015) "Champagne, Illinois" (March 2015) "Super 8 Motel" (2013)




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